Washing and Shaping
Brush the hair carefully detangling the ends first using a fine toothed brush.
Put cold water in a basin and dissolve a small amount of shampoo.
Immerse the postis in the water and wash with gentle downward movements: root – tip.
Avoid massaging and circular movements.
Rinse and repeat the process as many times as needed.
Apply conditioner only to the ends and leave for 5′.
Rinse very well.
Wipe gently – dab with a towel. Don’t squeeze. Do not brush hair when it is wet.
Hold it by the base and shake it vigorously so that the hair regains its original, natural movement.
Allow it to dry naturally, away from any source of heat.
When the hair is completely dry, separate the strands using a fork of your choice.
The use of hot water, steam, hot rollers, electric irons and straightening machines is prohibited.
Do not apply dye or technical work, such as perms, etc., to the paste. because you will destroy it.
If you use it daily, wash your postis once a week.
Every two months use deep cleansing shampoo.
Do not use hair rebuilding products as well as two-in-one products (shampoo and conditioner together).
During sleep the postis must be removed. If you choose to wear it, you should be aware that the hair will gradually wear down, reducing its lifespan.