Natural Hair Care

Washing with shampoo should be done 3 days after placement and it is good to use moisturizing shampoos, warm water and rinse them very well!!! You should always comb the hair carefully before washing starting from the ends towards the root and using a wide comb with fine teeth.

Wash the hair holding it from the point of union and without tangling the hair, rinse and apply conditioner all over the hair avoiding the points of union where the hair is tied. After washing, dry them well with a towel without rubbing them and dry them with a hair dryer with warm air.

We never brush the extensions when they are wet! It would be good to avoid excessive drying temperature and it is also good to use moderate air and not hot air.

The wool is 100% remy natural wool that has already undergone technical operations and then enriched with softening elements. If you need to change the color of the hair, then you should remember that in order to get the right result, you should treat the additional hair with great care and very gentle technical work. You will always do some testing on the tip of the hair extensions as a test for the desired effect you want (until you gain the required experience).

If we wish to dye the hair then we always use 1 tone darker dye with oxygen up to 8 degrees! and water like Refle (not oxygenated above 8 degrees you will open the scales and the texture of the wool will become rough with tangles). Do not rub the hair during dyeing, follow its direction downwards. Light colored hair can be curled but we cannot lighten it again. It would be good not to avoid technical work because the hair can become wild and it will become dehydrated.