About us

Hair Duty, after 15 years of successful career in the Extension and Beauty industry, is active in the largest beauty salons and is the only one nationwide that supplies you with excellent quality 12A REMY INDIAN & RUSSIAN HAIR.

With Hair Duty hair stylists can and do create the incredible, adding volume and length instantly. By combining their talent, we jointly provide the client with the opportunity to live the dream with incredible transformations, with invisible extensions, and all this simply and quickly.

Our goal is to make hair extensions synonymous with self-care and well-being, a safe beauty tool, produced in full respect of the ethical values ​​that guide us.

We dream of bringing all women, especially those who love naturalness, to discover the world of hair extensions and finally get the hairstyles they’ve always wanted, tailored to their personalities: YOUR HAIR.

We also dream of embracing stylists as long-length ambassadors to convey the confidence and conscious beauty that our hair extensions bring.

Before the hair bundles enter the production cycle, they must be Double Drawn, ensuring the same thickness from root to tip, and are therefore split and matched according to the different lengths. The hair is then subjected to a special process to become Remy, aligning the natural direction of the cuticles and protecting the hair from damage.

This is the key to maintaining the health of the hair extensions and the vibrancy of the colors. Hair strands of different shades are expertly blended by hand to add depth to the color and mimic the natural look of our clients hair.